Calendar of Happiness

Calendar of Happiness is backed by the latest positive psychology research and is specifically designed to improve the life satisfaction of its owners.

Intuitive to use and pleasant to see, it fosters self-awareness and emotional intelligence for young and old.

Strengths Planner

The original Strengths Planner is designed to help you apply your strengths and intentionally live a more fulfilling life.

It comes with worksheets and additional resources inside to guide your progress.

Life Calendar

Life Calendar is designed to help you visualize your life and make it more meaningful and fulfilling.

It is based on the Memento Mori concept that’s been used for centuries to help people focus on what truly matters.

Imprefection Socks

Let’s face it – nothing is perfect. The more we can find beauty in imperfection the more we will be able to enjoy life as a whole and, hence, be more happy.

Imprefection socks are designed for you to intentionally accept and appreciate imperfection in your everyday life. 

Big Gratitude Experiment

Big Gratitude Experiment is designed for anyone to conduct their own scientific experiment on rewiring their own brains. 

In 30 days you can measure the power of daily gratitude practice – one of the most researched conducers of happiness.